Yummier Food Shots - Exclusive NPM workshop

June 22, 2019 02 : 00 PM to 06 : 00 PM

Take your Food Photography skills to a Professional Level.

Join our food photography workshop with renowned commercial photographer Jay Alonzo.



Improve your food photos with simple pro lighting techniques
Notice no matter how good the food looks, the shots could still look flat and unappetising, even if
you are using the right photo gear? Then you must have overlooked the fact that lighting plays a
big role in making any food look yummy.
✓ Get pro results
✓ Minimize photo editing
✓ Upgrade your skills
In this workshop, Jay Alonzo will present and simplify pro lighting techniques to make any dish
irresistible in photos. Topics include
• Know the ideal camera and lens set up for shooting food
• Learn the lighting gear used in food photography and how these are used
• Master the basic lighting techniques used to make food look great
• Discover the different food categories so you can set up the best lighting to capture pro
• Be familiar with other gear, props and non photo related stuff pros use to produce better food

What Participants Should Bring
• Camera body (Dx or Fx)
• Lens - preferably 50mm to 100mm for Dx; or 70mm to 135mm for Fx
• Macro lens is recommended but not required
• Memory card



Workshop is not available anymore