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The Nikon Premium Member (NPM) program has been designed by us to reward our loyal customers with numerous privileges and benefits, including exclusive workshops, international educational photography photo tours, discounts on gear, gear servicing and so on. This program entitles every NPM member to certain lifetime privileges and a few stipulated annual benefits, which can be availed upon the purchase of any Nikon Premium product.

Join NPM

Want to take your photography to the next level? Buy a Nikon FX Body, D500 or NIKKOR Lens worth USD 1350 or more and claim your Nikon Premium Membership card. Then proceed to complete your online registration to avail all following benefits:


Membership Rewards

Nikon Photo Tour discounts of USD 500 every month for 12 months *2 for 15 NPM members every month.

Exclusive Advanced Photography Workshop worth USD 400.

1 free sensor cleaning worth USD 50.

1 NIKKOR lens loan voucher for 3 days’ worth USD 250.

Apart from the above benefits all Nikon Premium Members enjoy a lifetime membership that gives them access to exclusive workshops, seminars, exclusive promotional deals and special discounts at periodic intervals.

  • *1- Any Nikon FX camera body, Nikon D500 and Any Nikon FX lens worth USD 1,350 and above.
  • *2 – Applicable for new & first time registrations only. Not valid on repurchase.

Lifetime Benefits

  • Lifetime privilege of 15% discount on Nikon Select products (*cannot be combined with other offers, subject to list on website)
  • Lifetime access to exclusive workshops and seminars
  • Lifetime privilege for exclusive deals and promotions

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