October 22, 2022 03 : 30 PM to 06 : 30 PM


Join us for an NPM-exclusive session designed to empower innovation. Explore the Expo 2020 site in this FREE NPM Nikon School workshop led by Visual Content Specialist - Stephen Segal -


In this workshop, Stephen Segal will apply his extensive knowledge and skills with working with models to capture forever memories with the highest quality and professionalism.


Stephen Segal has a South African based creative agency, specialising in visual communication, branding, and content creation for all platforms.

Stephen understands how important it is that your digital infrastructure not only functions effectively, but also communicates efficiently.


Stephen’s background in marketing, management, training, and more than fifteen years in the content creation industry, has provided him with a broad overview and the experience of meeting the needs of clients professionally.


Time and Date:

October 22, 2022 03 : 30 PM to 06 : 30 PM



Rove Hotel @ EXPO (valet parking available)

If by metro, buggy car available at the exit.



Seats are limited so please sign up using below tab:

Workshop is not available anymore