May 11, 2024 03 : 00 PM to 06 : 00 PM


Join us and learn with Mohammad Rezaie. A cinematographer/videographer with 15 years of experience, based in Dubai. For the past 6 years, I have been the videographer of my wife’s wedding photography business, and I have shot well over 100 weddings all around the globe. Having captured so many weddings, I know the intricacies and the unique challenges that videographers will face in weddings, which if you are unprepared for, you will fail.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the audience to a true workhorse of a camera, the Nikon Z8, and how this camera has made my life so much easier when shooting weddings. We will go through a full wedding day and talk about how we use Nikon gear to capture it:


1. How to approach shooting a wedding.

2. Details.

3. Bride’s solo shots.

4. Getting ready shots.

5. The first look.

6. The portraits.

7. The family shots.

8. The dances.

9. The speeches.

10. The dinner.

11. The wrap-up and after-party.


Included throughout the areas above are the following topics:

1. Camera settings for outdoors. (Exposure Triangle)

2. Camera settings for indoors. (Exposure Triangle)

3. Codecs and which one to use?

4. Importance of lens selection.

5. Storytelling through movement.

6. Autofocus modes.

7. N-Raw and where to use it.

Workshop is not available anymore